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GIS/CAD Technician


Under general supervision, employees of this technical class perform duties such as: updating and/or creating maps and/or design drawings using geographic information systems (GIS) or computer aided design (CAD) technology; communicating with the public; conducting research; reading and/or interpreting maps, blueprints, survey documents, or sketches; proofing or comparing the information contained on maps/drawings with information from different sources; measuring distances, areas, perimeters, and angles; and uses computer applications to enter, query information. Performs a wide-variety of mapping and engineering support activities as listed above, or performs a specific function on a full-time basis.

Examples of Work

Job functions are specific duties that would be included in the essential functions of the job description. These functions are not all-inclusive nor do they cover the full extent of the duties performed.

  • Communicates with engineers, contractors, surveyors, planners, utilities, and others to answer questions about departmental operations and/or procedures
  • Uses appropriate computational methods, existing source documentation, ESRI and/or Autodesk software tools to develop, populate and manage GIS and/or CAD data on behalf of a department and/or agency. May convert maps/design drawings and related information into different formats, including the interpretation of survey bearings and distances to properly input new data to appropriate GIS and/or CAD layer for reference
  • Performs quality control and quality assurance (QA/QC) on department-specific GIS and/or CAD data. Compares information on digital maps to hardcopy information and checks for accuracy. Compares legal survey documents with current GIS and/or CAD information
  • Provides access to department-specific GIS data through the GIS Utility
  • Documents GIS and/or CAD data creation, management and quality assurance (QA/QC) procedures
  • Meets with other departments and/or agencies participating in the GIS program to discuss GIS data automation and management routines
  • Assists other employees within a department with access to, and development of, specific GIS and/or CAD data
  • Produces high-quality maps and reports from GIS, CAD, and other related data. Queries, displays and produces hardcopy output from GIS and/or CAD data for information. Prepares/mounts visual displays to be used in presentations
  • Performs other miscellaneous data input using a computer application
  • Performs calculations (e.g., area, distance, perimeter, etc.) using appropriate technical device. Verifies error of closure using appropriate device

Education and Experience

A bachelor’s degree in an appropriate area of specialization or an equivalent combination of education and experience. GIS or AutoCAD proficiency required, per the unit’s needs.

Licensure and Certification



This position does not typically have supervisory responsibility

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