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Treatment Plant Operator – Entry


This is an entry level position that assists in the operation and maintenance of sewage treatment and/or water purification plants.

Examples of Work

Job functions are specific duties that would be included in the essential functions of the job description.  These functions are not all-inclusive nor do they cover the full extent of the duties performed.

  • Assist with operating pumps, motors, air compressors, and related machinery and equipment.
  • Assist with collecting samples of sewage and/or water for testing.
  • Assists in turning valves to control the flow of sewage and/or water.
  • Assists with the treatment and disposal of sludge; assists with adding chemicals to sewage.
  • Assists with repairing pumps, motors, air compressors, and related equipment.
  • Assists with cleaning the bar screen, grit chambers, and settling tanks.

Education and Experience

High school diploma or equivalent.

Licensure and Certification

Must obtain a class C wastewater operator’s certificate in accordance with Florida Statutes 403.101 and 468.540 552 and Regulation 61E1241, F.A.C. within two years of employment.


This position does not typically include supervisory responsibility.

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