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Dental Assistant I


Assist dentists or dental students in dental examinations and in the treatment of patients; assist faculty in the instruction of dental students; prepare patients, operate equipment, sterilize instruments, and mix amalgam.

Examples of Work

Job functions are specific duties that would be included in the essential functions of the job description. These functions are not all-inclusive nor do they cover the full extent of the duties performed.

  • Seat patients, adjust chair and prepare patient for dentist; expose, develop, and save radiographs.
  • Operate water, air and evacuating equipment.
  • Sterilize and prepare instruments for set ups; fill, drain and clean sterilizer; prepare supplies.
  • Prepare and mix amalgam, composite, cement and medicaments for restorations; mix pumice for prophylaxis; prepare and mix impression materials.
  • Prepare anesthetic syringes.
  • Maintain dental records and files; maintain inventory and requisition supplies.
  • Clean and maintain dental chair and equipment.
  • Demonstrate four-handed instrument exchanges.
  • Assist faculty and Dental Assistants II in various fundamental four-handed techniques, such as correct chair positioning and coordinated placement and removal of rubber dam.
  • Instruct patients in home care.

Education and Experience

High school diploma and one year of appropriate experience. Appropriate college course work or vocational/technical training may substitute at an equivalent rate for the required experience.

Licensure and Certification




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