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Fire Safety Coordinator


Provide technical review of development projects for compliance with required Federal and State fire protection codes ; responds to a variety of requests for information and advice relative to fire and building codes; reviews plans and specifications of buildings or developments for compliance with building and fire regulations; performs field inspections of building and fire related construction.

Examples of Work

Job functions are specific duties that would be included in the essential functions of the job description.  These functions are not all-inclusive nor do they cover the full extent of the duties performed.

  • Interprets and enforces provisions of applicable fire prevention and fire safety laws,  and other fire related regulations.
  • Performs periodic inspections of new and existing buildings, structures and installations requiring fire clearance or approval; identifies fire hazards; recommends corrective action; performs follow-up inspections to see that corrective measures are taken.
  • Checks and approves site, building, and fire protection system plans for compliance with applicable fire prevention and fire safety ordinance requirements.
  • Performs tests on water flow, sprinkler and fire alarms and elevator return systems; certifies smoke detection devices and similar fire prevention systems.
  • Enforces building, fire, electrical, mechanical and plumbing codes related to fire regulations; ensures proper quality materials are being used and ensures the correction of defects.
  • Processes plan check requests and responds to requests for information and related inquiries.
  • Consults with architects, and University officials on related fire problems and solutions.
  • Develops and conducts training programs and group presentation or information relative to fire prevention and fire code regulations for University faculty and staff.
  • Maintains plan files and related documents and records.
  • Applies basic engineering principles and system design of buildings and fire protection systems
  • Applies building, , national standards, and fire related codes and construction practices
  • Investigates complaints and alleged violations of building and fire regulations.

Education and Experience

Associate in Science degree in Fire Science Technology and two (2) years of responsible experience with a governmental agency or private organization, including enforcement or design work to meet required fire regulations, fire prevention inspections or development, and fire plan check or design of fire systems.

Licensure and Certification

Must be certified as a Fire Safety Inspector 1 in accordance with Florida Statute 633.


This position does have supervisory responsibility.

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