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Pharmacy Manager


Responsible for managing the operations of a university pharmacy.

Examples of Work

Job functions are specific duties that would be included in the essential functions of the job description. These functions are not all-inclusive nor do they cover the full extent of the duties performed.

  • Plans, organizes, and directs activities involving the compounding, dispensing, and analyses of drugs prescribed for patients.
  • Administers a drug information, disease assessment, and/or medications management program. May conduct workshops or seminars for pharmacy students, interns, and/or registered pharmacists.
  • Consults with physicians, nurses, and other health professionals in evaluating the methods, procedures, and services of the pharmacy and makes recommendations for changes as appropriate.
  • Prepares written specifications as to quantity and source for the purchase of drugs, chemicals, antibiotics, and biological and pharmaceutical preparations used in the treatment of patients.
  • Requisitions pharmaceutical materials and meets with pharmaceutical representatives regarding new drugs and other products.
  • Serves as liaison between the pharmacy and university personnel, other agencies/departments, and the Florida Pharmaceutical Association.

Education and Experience

Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy and three years of pharmacy practice experience.

Licensure and Certification

Licensed as a pharmacist in accordance with Chapter 465, Florida Statutes.


Supervises Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians.

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