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Standardized Patient Educator


Develop education programs for standardized patients (SPs) for the Learning and Assessment Center, and participate in overseeing and training the work of standardized patients used in the educational programs, to include recruiting, training, assigning work, and performing quality assessment of the SPs.

Examples of Work

Job functions are specific duties that would be included in the essential functions of the job description. These functions are not all-inclusive nor do they cover the full extent of the duties performed.

  • Recruits and assists in supervising standardized patients (SPs), to include providing initial and ongoing training and documented assessment of SP participation, describing and assigning work of SPs, and performing quality assessments.
  • Monitors SP exercises for SP portrayal and documentation accuracy in student performance (quality assurance).
  • Conducts SP and participant orientations.
  • Supervises the training of all standardized patients in all aspects of case portrayal, checklist item recognition, physical exam procedures and exam operations for all teaching associate performances.
  • Prepares and updates materials for each standardized patient encounter, such as assignments, scenarios, checklist, handouts, evaluations, schedules and room assignments.
  • Develops and implements the standardized patient program and methods for assessment of standardized patients.
  • Assists faculty with case and script development.
  • Gives on-going feedback to SPs and remediates SP performance based on feedback.
  • Collects and analyses data for annual SP evaluations under the guidance of the Center leadership.
  • Maintains database of cases, materials and assessment tools.
  • Works closely with the Learning and Assessment Center Director, staff, SPs, students and faculty to plan and implement educational programs that use SPs in the Center, and to ensure that the SP Program meets the needs of all concerned.
  • Advises course and program directors of concerns and or important issues facing the SP Program, to include recommending solutions and policies to improve the operations of the Learning and Assessment Center, and intervening to maintain the integrity of the program, when necessary.
  • Operates all technical resources to facilitate teaching and evaluation of medical students, PA students and other health professions’ students, assisting in developing and implementing student and faculty policy related to the Learning and Assessment Center operations, implementing a standardized patient and simulation program, and developing and implementing continuous quality improvement activities.
  • Attends and participates in appropriate organizational workshops to keep current on educational theory and practice in the use of simulation and standardized patients in medical education.
  • Participates in medical student, PA student and other health professions’ physical exam instruction.
  • Trains and monitor Physical Examination Teaching Associates (PETAs).
  • Trains Gynecological Teaching Associates (GTA), Male Urologic Teaching Associates (MUTA), and Clinical Breast Examination (CBE) instructors in support of Medicine, PA, and other health professions programs.
  • Facilitates educational and simulation scholarship initiatives.
  • Organizes, rooms and equipment (task trainers and simulators) set up for the Learning and Assessment Center.
  • Maintains effective communication with staff, faculty, and students associated with SP Program activities.

Education and Experience

Master’s degree in an appropriate area of specialization; or a bachelor’s degree in an appropriate area of specialization and two years of appropriate experience.

Licensure and Certification



Does not typically supervise.

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