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Employee Selection

Knowledge of methods, tools and techniques for evaluating qualifications; ability to identify an appropriate candidate for employment, promotion or transfer through the review and analysis of an individual’s attributes and abilities.

Behavior Statements

Proficiency Level 1 - Basic understanding

Identifies the benefits of learning and using employee selection methods.

Identifies the key concepts and elements of employee selection.

Cites techniques, like interviewing, for matching qualifications with employers' needs.

Describes the processes and procedures for employee selection.

Proficiency Level 2 - Working experience

Explains organizational policies for employee selection.

Selects qualified candidates and refers them to hiring managers according to organizational policy.

Assesses salary offers to match candidates with employer requirements.

Helps departments administer review policies and procedures for employee selection.

Analyzes employees, including their performance and achievements.

Proficiency Level 3 - Extensive experience

Collaborates with other departments to complete reference and background checks.

Evaluates candidates' attributes, such as skills and abilities, to match qualifications with employers' needs.

Oversees staff operations during employee selection processes.

Coaches others in using manual or computerized file searches to review employment applications.

Advises employers on the policies and procedures of employee selection.

Controls the accuracy of employee selection through the analysis of candidate attributes.

Proficiency Level 4 - Subject matter depth and breadth

Designs advanced employee selection technologies that can be used in diverse applications.

Establishes policies, regulations and protocols for employee selection in order to meet employers' needs.

Contributes to the development of employee selection methodologies.

Discusses industry trends and marketplace direction of employee selection.

Predicts the future development of tools and applications for employee evaluation.

Plays a leadership role in establishing best practices for employee analysis and evaluation.

Interview Questions

  • Can you provide some examples of employee selection methods?
  • What kinds of tools have you used to evaluate employee performance?
  • What kinds of problems did you encounter when improving the accuracy of employee selection?
  • How did you design workflow diagrams to support other departments in completing employee background checks?
  • Analyze the historical and future trends of employee selection.

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