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Tax Regulations

Knowledge of federal, state and local tax procedures and regulations; the ability to adhere to these when filing forms as they pertain to a particular business or industry.

Behavior Statements

Proficiency Level 1 - Basic understanding

Identifies areas in own organization that are subject to taxation.

Locates the major tax filing instruments and forms.

Collects basic tax forms, instructions and other reference material.

Describes the main concepts underlying tax regulations.

Proficiency Level 2 - Working experience

Assists in analyzing tax liability in at least one area of the business.

Prepares basic tax forms for filing.

Follows current general tax regulations as they pertain to own industry.

Clarifies the rationale behind specific tax rates and regulations.

Explains the impact of taxation on the organization's bottom line.

Proficiency Level 3 - Extensive experience

Analyzes tax liability in several organizational areas.

Advises others on regulations for filing a variety of tax forms.

Teaches others about the current federal, state and local tax rates and regulations for own industry.

Debates political and economic realities that underlie tax rates and regulations.

Develops internal policies and procedures regarding the tax obligations of the organization.

Evaluates the impact of taxation on competitors and other related businesses.

Proficiency Level 4 - Subject matter depth and breadth

Mentors others on the complexities of tax forms and related regulations.

Predicts future direction of taxation for own industry.

Writes or speaks publicly on political and economic factors impacting organizational taxation.

Creates strategies for meeting the organization's tax obligations.

Designs and implements best practices to improve adherence to tax regulations.

Plays leadership role in determining and managing tax liabilities.

Interview Questions

  • Can you tell me about a time when you needed to draw upon your knowledge of tax legislation in order to make a suggestion or decision?
  • How have changes in tax legislation impacted your job or your organization?
  • Tell me about your exposure to tax-related legislation or regulation in the workplace.
  • Tell me about your experience of efficiently preparing tax forms for filing.
  • Describe and discuss the rationale behind various tax rates and regulations according to your knowledge and experience.

Titles with Shared Competencies