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Construction Project Manager II


Provides project management and oversight for major and minor UF construction and renovation projects and develops Architectural and Engineering Facilities Programs for buildings and other physical facilities as well. Other duties include estimating building costs, establishing project budgets, and planning and construction schedules.

Examples of Work

Job functions are specific duties that would be included in the essential functions of the job description. These functions are not all-inclusive nor do they cover the full extent of the duties performed.

  • Prepares architectural and engineering facilities programs for buildings and other physical facilities on the University of Florida campus.
  • Programs, coordinates, monitors, and inspects minor projects and renovation-type construction projects including project design and preparation of bid documents, drawings, and specifications.
  • Prepares schematic and development designs as an interpretation of clients’ program requirements and for initial project reviews and approvals by regulatory agencies, physical plant division, and clients.
  • Consults with professional architects, engineers, surveyors, and construction managers as needed for the development of project designs and documents.
  • Develops design studies, graphic presentations related to project designs for presentation to user/clients and to UF facilities projects committees and other groups as needed.
  • Estimates building costs, establishes project budgets and planning and construction schedules, and is responsible for maintaining established project budget and schedule; works closely with the Purchasing Division and/or annually contracted professional consultants and construction managers to receive, analyze, and negotiate bids for project work.
  • Conducts preconstruction meetings with selected contractors and monitors and inspects all phases of construction of projects; provides technical, architectural, and engineering advice to construction trades and assists in the evaluation and approval of shop drawings, change orders, and payment requests to assure compliance with construction documents and UF policies.

Education and Experience

Master’s degree in in an appropriate area; or a bachelor’s degree in architecture, engineering, planning or building construction and two years of relevant experience; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

Licensure and Certification



This position does not typically include supervisory responsibility.

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