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Interior Designer II


Responsible for the management and design of the interior design aspects for building, remodeling, and renovation projects at the University of Florida.  Responsible for developing and recommending changes to UF Construction Standards, specifically the section dedicated to Interior Finishes, in concert with University representatives.

Examples of Work

Job functions are specific duties that would be included in the essential functions of the job description.  These functions are not all-inclusive nor do they cover the full extent of the duties performed.

  • Collaborates with Project Managers on assigned projects, and manages the execution of project specifications with support staff of company and subcontractors.
  • Interfaces with vendors and subcontractors as necessary to coordinate production and project schedules. Prepares materials selection and room finish schedules to facilitate coordination of project.
  • Manages job-site labor workforce as necessary.
  • Designs, specifies, drafts and integrates all elements of interior design and architecture including, but not limited to, furniture plans, architectural details including ceilings, walls, floors, window heights, columns, millwork and other built-ins, kitchens and bathrooms and other construction documents.
  • Designs, specifies, drafts custom furniture as required.
  • Specifies fabrics, floor coverings, wall coverings, lighting, window treatments, furniture and any other items as necessary per project requirements; serves as project lead as appropriate on project.
  • Researches and shops as necessary for project components; develops conceptual designs, create mock-ups and completes with drawings and renderings as necessary.
  • Performs drafting of furniture plans, custom designs, construction drawings and renderings as required.
  • Works closely with Project Managers on specific project design elements.
  • Reviews complete project documentation to determine full scope of work, completion of schedules, and any other relevant items; confers with Project Managers for clarification, as necessary.
  • Maintains continual two-way communication with Project Managers and project team regarding project details; keeps all interested parties apprised of significant events.
  • Identifies, receives and documents problems; consults with Project Managers on solutions and follow-up; reviews problem status reports for Project Managers as necessary.
  • Meets and communicates with senior University representative as necessary to complete project components.
  • Serves as liaison with vendors to provide direction and/or to obtain pertinent information in order to create detailed proposals.
  • Tracks and processes expenses in accordance with procedures.

Education and Experience

A bachelor’s degree in interior design, or an appropriate area of specialization and three years of appropriate experience.

Licensure and Certification



This position does not typically include supervisory responsibility.

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