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Roofer, Craftsman


Lead roofer. Oversee in-house projects (as assigned). Install, repair, clean, and preventatively maintain various types of roof and gutter systems. Highly knowledgeable in standard concepts, practices, and procedures within the field. Provide guidance and leadership on repair and maintenance processes and techniques. Perform a variety of tasks. Provide support services to other trades. Work under general supervision, exercising ingenuity and latitude. Participate in the Career Progression Program (CPP) through the Physical Plant Division (PPD). Equivalent to Level IV technicians in the Entry through Level IV CPP classifications.

Examples of Work

Job functions are specific duties that would be included in the essential functions of the job description. These functions are not all-inclusive nor do they cover the full extent of the duties performed.

Lead roofer; responsible for overseeing in-house projects and providing guidance/leadership on repair and maintenance processes/techniques
Install, repair, and preventatively maintain various types of roofs, including shingle, metal, and built-up roof (BUR) systems (e.g., modified and gravel surfaced roofs)
Install, repair, and preventively maintain single-ply roofing systems (e.g., thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM), and polytetrafluoroethylene (“Teflon”) fabrics)
Resurface existing roofs with coating, fabric, and other materials
Install, repair, and preventatively maintaining roof drain buckets, clamping rings, and flashings
Point up and caulk parapet walls and masonry joints
Install dowel pins, reset parapet wall capstones, and perform related work
Replace lightning rod terminals and refasten ground conductor cables to roofs and building structures
Fabricate and install heating and cooling ducts, gutters, roof flashings, gravel stops, eave drips, and drain pans from galvanized metal, stainless steel, copper, and aluminum
Fabricate and install various sheet metal accessories (e.g., downspouts and wall flashings)
Clean roofs and gutter systems
Power wash various facilities and structures
Support other trades and contractors in new construction, maintenance, and repairs of facilities structures and equipment, including roofs, parapets, and related work
Assist with work in several trade areas (e.g., carpentry (for roof doors and exterior building windows) and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) installing dampers in ductwork, replacing ventilation fans, and re-caulking fan bases)
Prepare material estimates, review inventory needs, and initiate order requests
Enter data (work requests and time) via the AiM system
Operate University of Florida (UF)/state vehicles
Clean and maintain workshop and personal equipment
Perform other duties (as assigned by supervisor)

Education and Experience

High school diploma (or equivalent)
Five years of relevant experience; appropriate vocational/technical training may substitute at an equivalent rate for the required experience
Completed and Passed NRCA 101, National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) Core, NCCER Roofing Curriculum (UF) and designated vendor coursework
Passed roofing critical task assessments

Licensure and Certification

Valid Florida driver license


Received: Immediate supervisor provides daily written and verbal instructions
Exercised: None; does not directly supervise others

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