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Contingency And Disaster Recovery

Knowledge of approaches, practices, tools and techniques for contingency and disaster recovery operations, and the ability to develop and execute contingency and disaster recovery plans.

Behavior Statements

Proficiency Level 1 - Basic understanding

Describes major services provided by 'The Business of IT.'

Identifies initiatives, key issues, and expected benefits for own unit of business.

Discusses approaches used to assess business value and costs of IT services or activities.

Describes the business model used by IT.

Explains the business value and cost structures of specific IT services or products.

Proficiency Level 2 - Working experience

Assists in providing security safeguards for current business applications within the IT environment.

Diagnoses and reports minor or routine IT business service problems.

Carries out the processes necessary for developing basic IT business applications.

Helps provide infrastructure components and service requirements for e-business applications.

Coaches others on assessing the value and cost structures of multiple IT services or products.

Proficiency Level 3 - Extensive experience

Consults on key issues and challenges of internal and external IT businesses.

Compares and contrasts benefits and risks of internal and external IT services.

Evaluates current standards, policies and guidelines of the development of IT business services.

Supervises the evaluation of IT-related business for diverse environments.

Monitors and coordinates preventive and scheduled IT business models.

Proficiency Level 4 - Subject matter depth and breadth

Establishes business value and costs for all major IT services and activities.

Establishes best practices for the effective use of pricing and business services in the IT environment.

Elaborates and presents information on the history, evolution and future of alternative pricing and IT service models.

Advocates the development of advanced techniques and approaches for IT services.

Predicts industry trends and market experiences relevant to IT business models.

Plays a leadership role in restructuring IT business service models.

Interview Questions

  • How did you interact with business process owners to validate specific IT business process models?
  • Tell me about the benefits and risks of both internal and external IT services.
  • Speculate on major IT business services, and where you think they will be five years from now.
  • How did you evaluate the value and cost structures of IT business products and services?
  • How many different types of service and pricing models did you work with in IT business services?

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