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Human Resources Consulting

Knowledge of HR approaches, tools and techniques; ability to inform, guide and advise managers in HR-related initiatives.

Behavior Statements

Proficiency Level 1 - Basic understanding

Identifies key roles and responsibilities of the HR consulting function.

Describes major activities performed and services provided by HR consultants.

Collects information on models for effective consulting of HR related issues.

Documents various options for solving proposed HR issues and problems.

Proficiency Level 2 - Working experience

Utilizes a specific management consulting process.

Applies a specific HR consulting model in an engagement.

Provides line management with written reports proposing options and courses of action for HR issues.

Facilitates meetings for gathering HR data, implementing HR strategies and resolving HR problems.

Interprets various sets of HR data in coming to conclusions and proposing actions.

Proficiency Level 3 - Extensive experience

Manages multiple HR projects and diverse consulting relationships.

Recommends a variety of HR consulting models as appropriate to an engagement.

Evaluates HR solutions provided to management and advises on further improvement plans.

Collaborates ideas and maintains confidentiality with HR managers.

Delegates line management support quickly and effectively for HR issues.

Consults with managers on a wide range of HR issues.

Proficiency Level 4 - Subject matter depth and breadth

Mentors others on the overall consulting process with line management for HR issues.

Designs and implements different and complex organizational HR interventions.

Designs training programs on how to properly manage complex global, political, and organizational issues related to HR.

Creates and builds executive level HR consulting strategies for the organization.

Predicts global industry and competitive trends and practices in HR consulting.

Contributes to best practices for HR consulting programs in the organization and promotes them industry wide.

Interview Questions

  • Tell me how you have helped a business unit or department address a major human resources issue.
  • How do you build trust with the line managers you support?
  • Describe three human resources programs you developed and implemented in your last organization.
  • To what degree would you say that you were involved in providing human resources consulting services to your last organization and its management team.
  • Tell me about a time when you had to overcome a lot of opposition (from line management and/or employees) to implement a human resources program.

Titles with Shared Competencies