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Accountant III


This senior-level accountant position offers financial expertise, possibly focusing on a specific area of specialization. The role involves solving intricate financial problems, potentially acting as a fiscal guide for unit leadership, and ensuring adherence to federal, state, and institutional policies. 

Examples of Work

  • Manages one or more fiscal and accounting functions, potentially recommending and formulating policies and procedures for effective administration. 
  • Recommends, formulates, and enforces internal policies, procedures, and control systems. 
  • Acts as a primary or supplementary senior accountant in varied operational settings. 
  • Provides fiscal/accounting guidance for unit leadership and clarifies fiscal/accounting policies and regulations. 
  • Creates and implements policies, procedures, and accounting systems for unit application. 
  • Ensures adherence to federal, state, university, and other agency regulations, policies, and procedures. 
  • Gathers data for and crafts intricate budgets. 
  • Prepares, scrutinizes, and breaks down a range of reports, accounts, reconciliations, schedules, or statements. 
  • Functions as the effort coordinator for specific accounts, overseeing effort statements, commitments, and processing deadlines. 
  • Serves as effort coordinator for assigned accounts to include audit and oversight of effort statements, commitments, salary caps, and processing deadlines.


The Accountant II role is an intermediate-level position managing varied fiscal and accounting tasks. They tackle diverse financial challenges by interpreting and implementing standard procedures, might work within larger financial teams or be in charge of financial operations for smaller units, and their tasks range from maintaining ledgers to assisting in grants and contract management. This position requires a bachelor’s degree in a pertinent field and two years of relevant experience. While they might oversee other accounting staff, their competencies are centered around problem-solving, financial reporting, and teamwork. Contrarily, Accountant III is a senior role, possibly concentrating on specific financial segments. They address complex financial issues, serve as fiscal consultants for unit heads, and ensure compliance with broader policy frameworks. Their responsibilities include shaping internal policies, devising accounting systems, and crafting intricate financial reports. Their prerequisites include a bachelor’s degree in a relevant domain and four years of professional exposure. They, too, might supervise support staff but exhibit advanced competencies like adaptability and strong interpersonal skills.  

Education and Experience

A bachelor’s degree in an appropriate area of specialization and four years of experience

Licensure and Certification



This position may have supervisory responsibilities, guiding and overseeing the work of accounting support personnel.


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