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Training Needs Analysis

Knowledge of and ability to identify what people need to learn for successful individual and organizational performance.

Behavior Statements

Proficiency Level 1 - Basic understanding

Describes the purposes of training needs analysis.

Identifies phases and activities that are involved in training needs analysis.

Compiles a list of training needs analysis tools and techniques.

Supports activities for an organization's training needs analysis.

Proficiency Level 2 - Working experience

Assesses training needs for employees within the organization.

Selects appropriate tools and techniques to evaluate the gap between existing and expected performance.

Defines key learning objectives for training sessions.

Participates in training suitability analysis for different levels in the organization.

Provides feedback for the improvement of training needs collection methods.

Proficiency Level 3 - Extensive experience

Advises on multiple and varied types of training needs analysis.

Manages training assessment programs for large groups or departments.

Evaluates the structure and content of training needs questionnaires.

Consults on advanced approaches to analyzing training needs.

Coaches others on the application of training needs assessment techniques.

Develops training needs assessment forms or instruments.

Proficiency Level 4 - Subject matter depth and breadth

Leads in developing new assessment tools and techniques for training needs analysis.

Creates a training needs analysis system according to the job performance analysis system.

Contributes to and publishes internal documents with regards to both met and unmet training needs.

Designs yearly training needs analysis plans in multiple and diverse environments.

Establishes guidelines, standards and best practices for determining learning needs.

Leads discussions on the history, evolution and future trends of training needs analysis.

Interview Questions

  • Tell me about your past experience in training needs analysis.
  • What training needs assessment techniques have you used in the training needs analysis process?
  • What typical problems did you encounter with training needs analysis in your previous position(s)?
  • Please list 3 training related data collection tools or instruments.
  • How did you resolve training needs assessment problems in your previous position(s)?

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