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Accountant I


The Accountant I role involves performing standard accounting duties, encompassing audit, reconciliation, budget creation, and financial reporting. The individual maintains a clear record of transactions, ensures compliance with relevant policies, and provides vital financial information to the organization. 

Examples of Work

  • Maintains, monitors, and reconciles assigned accounts; reviews regulations and policies and identifies areas of concern. 
  • Analyzes revenue and expense data for accurate projections. 
  • Draft budgets for projects, identifying any financial discrepancies. 
  • Develop financial reports, invoices, and schedules for review. 
  • Ensures expenditure compliance, determines fund balances, and aligns with organizational policies. 
  • Prepares accounts for internal and external audits and rectifies any discrepancies. 
  • Acts as a liaison, communicating financial information with stakeholders. 
  • Executes various accounting tasks such as reviewing documents, reconciling accounts, and monitoring fund balances. 
  • Upholds the integrity of the accounting system and internal procedures. 
  • Serves as a liaison with the principal investigator, outside agencies, and funding sources; provides and receives data regarding assigned sponsored accounts.
  • Performs a variety of accounting functions, which includes preparing, reviewing and approving documents; reconciling accounts; preparing accounting schedules; coding and entering data; setting up new fund accounts and/or grants; monitoring fund balances; preparing status reports; and performing other related activities.
  • Maintains or monitors one or more phases of an accounting system and internal control procedures.

Education and Experience

A bachelor’s degree in an appropriate area of specialization.

Licensure and Certification



Typically works under the direction of a senior accountant or department head. Does not have supervisory responsibilities. 


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