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Accountant II


Accountant II is an intermediate-level financial professional role responsible for managing various fiscal and accounting functions. This position solves a range of problems by interpreting and applying standard procedures. The role may involve contributing to team financial projects or overseeing fiscal management for smaller units.

Examples of Work

  • Manages one or more fiscal and accounting functions, formulating and recommending related policies and procedures. 
  • May be part of a sizeable financial team or provide fiscal management for a smaller unit. 
  • Maintains general or subsidiary account ledgers and manages various funds for a department or unit. 
  • Investigates and analyzes billing or other accounting errors and collaborates with relevant departments to rectify them. 
  • Prepares reports, compiles data, and develops recommendations for policies, procedures, or control systems. 
  • Provides support in grants and contract management. 
  • Collaborates with departmental leadership in planning, coordinating, and implementing the annual budget. 
  • Possibly serves as a unit effort coordinator for assigned accounts, overseeing effort statements, commitments, salary caps, and processing deadlines. 


The Accountant I position is an entry-level role primarily focused on performing standard accounting duties, which include audit, reconciliation, budget creation, and financial reporting. Those in this role are considered non-exempt under FLSA, making them eligible for overtime pay. Their education requirement is a bachelor’s degree in related fields, and they usually work under the direction of a senior accountant or department head without any supervisory responsibilities. In contrast, the Accountant II position is an intermediate-level role, carrying a broader set of responsibilities, such as managing fiscal functions, investigating billing errors, and possibly overseeing financial projects or the fiscal management of smaller units. Unlike the Accountant I role, Accountant II may have supervisory responsibilities, overseeing other accounting support personnel. 

Education and Experience

A bachelor’s degree in an appropriate area of specialization and two years of experience

Licensure and Certification



This position may have supervisory responsibilities, guiding and overseeing the work of accounting support personnel.


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