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Administrative Specialist II


The Administrative Specialist II oversees administrative functions in complex office environments or provides lead administrative support in larger units. This role involves managing office activities, interpreting rules and regulations, handling confidential tasks, coordinating unit human resources functions, and liaising with other university departments.

Examples of Work

  • Establishes work priorities, sets deadlines, and manages daily office operations.
  • Performs confidential or non-routine administrative duties.
  • Provides advanced administrative support to chairs or directors, acting on supervisor’s behalf when needed.
  • Manages unit human resources functions and assists in resolving complex HR issues.
  • Interprets federal and state laws, ensuring compliance with University and departmental policies.
  • Serves as a point of contact and liaison to the public and other university departments.
  • Manages inventory, mail, and equipment; oversees facility security.
  • Prepares reports, presentations, event materials, and other written documents.
  • Monitors and coordinates budget preparations.
  • Coordinates promotional and tenure processes and handles special administrative projects.


Administrative Specialists and Administrative Assistants (formerly Administrative Support Assistants) primarily differ in terms of position hierarchy and associated duties. The Administrative Specialists are a senior designation overseeing complex administrative functions, often involving tasks requiring significant discretion, such as interpreting legal regulations, coordinating intricate administrative projects, and occasionally making decisions on a supervisor’s behalf. This role holds broader responsibilities, such as liaising between public and university departments and potentially managing other staff. In contrast, Administrative Assistants serve as proficient aides, concentrating on general to moderately complex tasks, aiding faculty or management, and focusing on support functions without the typical supervisory or decision-making components seen in the more senior role. In essence, the Administrative Specialists stands out as a position of greater depth and leadership, while the Administrative Assistants emphasize support and resourcefulness in handling general to intermediate administrative tasks.

Education and Experience

Bachelor’s degree and three years of appropriate experience or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

Licensure and Certification



This position may have supervisory responsibilities.


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