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Executive Assistant III


The Executive Assistant III provides high-level administrative support to the president or a senior vice president. With an in-depth understanding of university structure, policies, and operations, this role manages critical and confidential matters. It involves continuous liaison with both internal and external stakeholders and requires expert judgment in diverse situations.

Examples of Work

  • Oversees the administrative functions for the Office of the President or Senior Vice President, ensuring confidential support.
  • Gathers and organizes data for executive discussions, including meetings with university staff and external entities.
  • Serves as the intermediary for cabinet offices, deans, department heads, faculty, students, and more, addressing inquiries or passing on directives.
  • Coordinates and manages complex projects, events, or programs, liaising with high-ranking officials within and outside the institution.
  • Contributes to strategic planning.
  • Collaborates in the creation of presentations, agendas, meeting minutes, correspondence, and responses on university-related issues.
  • Oversees budget preparations and other intricate financial analyses.
  • Manages the executive’s calendar, prioritizing meetings and commitments using expert discernment.
  • Supervises office personnel, allocates tasks, and oversees their performance.
  • Formulates, assesses, and implements office policies, goals, and objectives.
  • Represents the executive at various meetings or events.

Education and Experience

Bachelor’s degree and seven years of relevant experience or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

Licensure and Certification



This role reports directly to either the president or a senior vice president and is responsible for managing the administrative personnel in the executive office.


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